Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing Whiteboard Friday

It’s probably pretty clear to everyone that content marketing takes time, but there’s a common misconception in just how much time. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, …

21 thoughts on “Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing Whiteboard Friday”

  1. Great video as usual,Rand .Thanks for this one.I like and totally agree with point 3mentioned in the video-I actually read similar comment before in one of the blogs on customerso I'm following.

  2. Good stuff, thanks for the information! I agree there is too much emphasis on making money right away. I heard that Zig Ziglar gave something like 3,000 speeches for free before he ever got paid. Love the bank account analogy! 4:12 Keep making videos!
    Quint Lears – New Home Sales

  3. I have watched this at least 15 times. This is solid gold and I think the message here could applied to so many types of marketing. Rand is also the best presenter on the Internet

  4. Great video once again!
    I couldn't agree more on the planning for required time and effort needed. When I do SEO for my clients and they don't see significant ramp up in 1-2 weeks, they feel like it was waste of time and give up. Often I need to remind them that when you expect to get most of your customers through organic search, it will take time and you need to constantly work on it.
    The ones who keep pushing forward sometimes come back in 4-5 months saying that finally they are seeing results.

  5. This is a pivotal subject and as always a really thought-provoking piece.

    I agree that many people get involved in content marketing with unrealistic or plain wrong expectations. And usually they don't think of their content as an integral part of their marketing plan. They do just hope it'll work – somehow and when it doesn't they pretty quickly give up and dismiss inbound marketing as for crazies only. The key point for me though is that very often people don't have a plan that will allow them to convert interest into the opportunity to sell and it iust the absence of that plan just as much as lack of patience and consistent effort that makes the difference.
    So, no, bloggers aren't going to get 2% conversion of readers to sale or even free trial. But they might very well get 5 or10% of readers to download relevant gated content so that they can nurture that opportunity. For most SMEs, writing stuff (with the opportunity-cost that this entails) with no plan as to how to convert engagement and no evidence that it does is simply not sustainable. Sure, building the capital of the brand is in the long-term the way to get best results but as one client put it to me a while ago, "the silence is eery Ian". so a thorough plan to engage further and to make this measurable with clear goals and KPIs is the only option for most marketers and boards. I don't think inbound and content agencies or internal marketing teams should be afraid of that reality.

  6. Great video as usual Rand and Moz – the underlying goal of content marketing should be creating great content, not driving sales. It's like the old adage in "Field of Dreams": If you build it, they will come. If you consistently make great, engaging content, the sales will come! We covered this topic in a recent video specific to Google+ Hangouts:

  7. Yes, you often see it happen with videos. People put a lot of effort or money and don't see immediate results from it… Videos are more impactful as they offer a more direct experience with a brand, like a face to face meeting. Hence videos have the potential to shorten this time that people take before jumping on board and convert.

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